Originally packaging came in a Lone Star branded cardboard box. There were several sizes of box, most with the same artwork, with the notable exception of the larger station box.

With the box came an information pamphlet, depicting the full range of the Lone Star railway products.

The early pamphlets pictured items without their product number. This came later.

This leaflet changed as the predicted ‘new models regularly introduced’ did materialise.

With the greater range, the items in the range were given product numbers as well as a name.

Later blister packs were introduced, replacing the boxes and the pamphlets contained. A different number range was used. Some of the items that were originally sold separately were grouped.

The packaging and numbering was totally different for the Treble-0-Lectric, with none of the 000 design used. Instead, items were packed in a cardboard box with a plastic window, the outside was designed with blue and white chevrons surrounding a yellow centre piece.

More examples of the original artwork can be found at vintage British diecasts.