Push-along N Gauge

Around 1970, some of the push-along 000 range was re-introduced in N gauge, with a track gauge was marginally larger. N gauge is scaled at 1∶152, which results in a track gauge of 9.42 mm between the rails, as opposed to the smaller 9mm for 000.

The N gauge track was moulded plastic instead of metal, still connecting via lugs. The curves were wider radius than the 000, a short fall of the 000 version curved track.

The moulds for the rolling stock was the same but finished in a different colour scheme. They also had hook and eye couplings, used in most model railway designs.

The only lococotives were the Small Tank Loco, finished in a pale green and with yellow lining. The American Diesel, also finished in green and numbered as a BR diesel locomotive.

For the remainder of the rolling stock, there were other minor colour differences, along with advancements, such as the the BR express coach having a Perspex window slotted inside and more stencilled detail on the outside.