Flawed or Genius?

The genius of the Lone Star Locos railway system was many, including

  • It pioneered the small models, being able to fit onto a normal table top
  • It was the precursor of the Treb-0-lectric, which was the first N gauge railway
  • Whilst only a toy, the detail of the die cast was high, with a lot of carefully moulded detail shown

There were flaws with this railway system, including

  • The radius of the curves was too tight for a lot of the rolling stock, allowing it to come off the track all too easily
  • The absence of power, demanding effort and some skill in moving the trains
  • The flat wagons were just too light a construction and would easily derail
  • Issues with the locomotive couplings – the initial tin plate was too fragile and the downward hook couplings did not work very well either