Lone Star Locos

Lone Star Products Ltd. was the brand name for the toy division of British company Die Cast Machine Tools Ltd (DCMT). DCMT was based in Welham Green, Hertfordshire, north of London.

In 1957, DCMT started a range of trains called Lone Star Locos. These were a newly developed gauge (000) “push-along” and included locomotives, rolling stock, track and accessories die cast in zamak. Zamak is a white metal alloy of zinc, aluminium, magnesium and copper pioneered in Germany.

In 1960, an electric powered N gauge was introduced, with its slightly wider gauge with an alloy track on plastic insulating sleepers.  With the demise of both the 000 gauge and electric powered N gauge, a push-along N gauge was introduced, with a limited range of rolling stock on N gauge plastic track.

Many toyshops of the era sold Lone Star Locos. The premier retail outlet was Woolworths. All production ceased in 1971, though stock was still available for sale for a while after that.