2 Large Tank Loco

This was a BR Standard 82XXX class 2-6-2T locomotive.

Detail included cylinders, moulded pistons and valve gear, chimney, dome, whistle and hand rails on the boiler. Riveting was also shown.

The livery gloss black with high relief lining and motif picked out in red. Initial production had a locomotive with high relief for its lining and BR motif. Other liveries existed, with maroon, green, green and black and a metallic blue all used. Later, the high relief gave way to stencilled colours. a matt black livery with yellow lining and British Railways motif was applied. The front and rear buffer beams were picked out in red.

Initially, the coupling was a tinplate towing eye. Later production replaced this with a cast in towing loop.

The early production had a bare metal chassis and wheels. The middle pair of wheels did not have flanges. Later, the wheels were given a varnish like finish. Plastic wheels were introduced after this.