10 and 11 Princess Royal

This was an ex-LMS 4-6-2 Princess Royal class locomotive and tender.

The livery was a metallic blue (presumably based on the BR blue livery) with black smokebox and cab roof. The tender came in the same livery, with coal painted black. There was high relief lining and the BR motif, which were picked out in red. The buffer beams were finished in red.

On the engine, the pony truck and middle pair of driving wheels did not have flanges. The trailing pair of wheels were a non-moving moulded part. The tender chassis comprised two pairs of wheels.

Early production had a riveted tin plate towing eye linking the locomotive to a downward pin on the tender. The back of the tender had a cast ring loop. Later the locomotive had a cast ring tow bar, the tender having an up facing pin.

Detail on the engine included nameplate, cylinders, moulded pistons and valve gear, chimney, dome, whistle and hand rails on the boiler. Riveting was also shown on the firebox.

Detail on the tender included coal and water cap and the chassis included coil springs and journal boxes.

The two parts were sold separately, the tender usually with a straight section of track.