There were a few accessories to the main railway items. The larger items branded with the Lone Star name and logo.

People included passengers, porters and guards. They came in white plastic, unpainted.

Fences and gates initially were moulded with feet at each end but later this was as a more stable continuous base. Mostly white, though later production included brown, plastic.

Trees consisted of a trunk, which acted as a stacking pole for the sections of the branches. The trunk was brown plastic, the trees and branches were green plastic.

There was a Gulliver County range of buildings, including an inn, church, country cottage, double shop, fire station, garage, shop and car park and town house. These were made from moulded vinyl. The range can be seen in this pamphlet.

There was a range of road vehicles, including a fire engine, single decker bus, landrover and car. All these were again moulded in zamak and were pre-painted.