ConTrack has been written for the ‘cloud’. It is a stand alone software, not requiring licensing or interfaces with other products in order to work.

Being a web based product, it can be accessed at any time, regardless of location, whether in the office, on a smart phone or from home.

The product is run as a Software As A Service, allowing easy and quick deployment. This also means that it is easily scalable to your needs.

It follows best practice coding standards, with consistency throughout, giving a fluent system that it simple to use.

It is specifically a Customer Relationship Management product, especially for the Construction Industry. This includes cool leads through to live contracts, along with relationship data.

Business Reporting delivers real-time business intelligence through CRM data visualisation charts. Spreadsheets of the same information can also be generated, meeting all user requirements. The reports include the very popular pipeline reporting.

It is an easily scalable platform and is quickly tailored to manage all your relationships & processes without the need to develop custom applications.

Security profiling enables administrators to control user access permissions and ensure information is only accessible to authorised people.